About Volker

Despite growing up in Germany, Volker has spent most of his life in the UK.

As well as attending US high school on a student exchange programme he has completed a year of national service in the German navy.

He finished his academic studies in Aberdeen, achieving two degrees and finishing top of his class with a first class BEng (Hons) in mechanical engineering and an MBA with commendations. His master thesis was on Emotional Intelligence (EI). 

After graduating he moved into sales, quickly moving through the ranks holding C-level Chief Revenue Officer leadership positions with technology and SaaS companies, leading teams of 60+ people, and looking after revenue in excess of $100m. Having gone through multiple redundancies, Volker re-invented himself more than once. All his life he learned how to adapt, change, fit in, stand-up and succeed. 

Transitioning has been a constant in his life, from one one culture to another, one job to another. This has been achieved while balancing his work with family, maintaining an executive schedule, and a 5 am routine including meditation and journaling. 

As well as studying part-time for his Psychotherapy qualification, he has launched podcasts, written a book on success, all whilst transitioning from a full time role to an interim and fractional consulting role. 

He even launched an online course about it. Volker can’t stand still.

I can relate to so many people, having worked with people from various backgrounds, and in companies of all shapes and sizes. Most people build rapport and relationships with me easily. I have been through a lot. My redundancies gave me a motivation to ‘never give up’ resulting in my first tattoo in 2020 stating exactly that. I talk a lot about mindset and feelings, connecting to our inner self, self-discipline and achievement.”

Volker is a qualified Master Practitioner in NLP and a Mindfulness Trainer, taught by a spin off from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre; he is also a member of the Association for Coaching and The Association for NLP and currently finishes his integrative Psychotherapy education for a UKCP accreditation. 

Other training courses Volker attended were in Strength Coaching, Business and Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, as well as therapy. In the last 5 years alone, Volker coached over 500 hours.

He recognises his privileges in that he is a white cis-male and straight, having two university degrees, life experiences, and being non-disabled. 

He stays curious about how his privileges impact the coaching and therapeutic relationship, and he wants to use those privileges to create an all-inclusive environment.


Become the best version of yourself


Stories of Success

Volker first ventured into podcasting in 2018 with his podcast ‘Stories for Success’. Dubbed as the ‘Tim Ferriss’ of Europe, he interviewed close to 100 high achievers, entrepreneurs, consultants, visionaries, coaches, and mentors about the processes and habits that fuelled their success. Using the knowledge gained from these inspirational leaders, he then wrote his bestselling book Principles for Success.

Man Up Man Down

In 2022 Volker and his friend David Pawsey launched ‘Man Up / Man Down’, a podcast for middle aged men. They discuss, and interview experts, on the pressures of being a man, approaching middle age. They have also hosted the first of many planned live events.


In today’s world, it is more important than ever to cut through the noise and stand out to be successful. Whether that is through building your own venture or flying high in the corporate world, the end game is to achieve “success”.

But what does that mean?

In his book ‘Principles for Success: What does Success Really Mean?, Volker distils his findings from what high achievers and visionary leaders define as success. 

Over 19 chapters, Volker covers subjects such as:

  • Money and success
  • Serendipity and success
  • Success and making a difference
  • Growth mindset, failure and success
  • Mentors and success
  • Team and teamwork
  • Emotional intelligence and success
  • Mindfulness, meditation and success


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